Wednesday, December 29, 2004

First Snow in Tokyo!

This morning we had the first snow in Tokyo since I came in Japan. Not really a huge snow storm, but enough for cheering up the child in me, and to start to practicewith my new camera. Too bad I do not know yet how to take good pictures!

This one instead has been taken with my G5. I didn't dare going out in the snow with my new D70!!!

Monday, December 27, 2004

Experiment: zooming technique

This is an interesting technique I've always wanted to try but it was simply impossible with my previous camera.
The theory is quite simple: you just use the zoom while shooting (zoom from tele to wide (zooming out), the opposite way would lead to not so nice results). With a shuttes speed slow enough (1/50 sec in the example above) you can get a nice effect, putting a lot of emphasis and the focus on the central subject, while blurring all the surrounding objects and person. Yes, in this case the subject is not that interesting (just a man waiting for the green light in Akihabara), but I wanted to try this technique as soon as possible.