Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Challenging death

For some reasons I find it difficult to consider "normal" walking in the middle of the streets when cars are coming at high speed. But I reckon there are very few choices when there are almost not traffic lights.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Color blindness

Every time I see such color combinations I invariably think that (some) Japanese girls are color blind.
Nothing but color blindness could explain the brown and cream shoe with pink socks and black leggings combination.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


ZED is a living poem, a timeless evocation that draws on the Tarot and its arcana, an imaginary world that conjures the vitality of the human condition and holds up a mirror to our true selves. The central, larger-than-life character Zed represents all of humanity in all its guises, from wisdom to folly, from discovery to adventure.
Zed grows as he discovers the world on his journey of initiation. Through this undertaking the people of the sky and the people of the earth are trying to connect with each other; through Zed, they come together.
Flying Trapeze                                     Hand to hand
The world of the arcana, in which ZED finds its inspiration, teems with life and vibrant characters, including the Great Goddess, The Fool, The Sphinxes and the Satyrs - all engaged in a lyrical odyssey to the heart of the human experience.
Juggling                                                Banquine

copied from the official Cirque du Soleil websiteFurther info available at the official ZED website. See also my previous post on Dralion.

For what it is worth, I loved the introduction at the beginning of the show, and the Flying Trapeze towards the end. The remaining parts were good - of course! - but not that exceptional.
Flying Trapeze