Sunday, August 3, 2003

Clocks in Tokyo

In Tokyo there are a lot of strange clocks, all around the city. This one, for example, was near Yoyogi park, in the front of a building.
The picture doesn't give the idea of the size, this one is more than 3 meters tall.

Saturday, August 2, 2003

おじさん vs おぢさん

Near Sendagi (千駄木) there is a famous pawn shop called Ojisan (おぢさん).

There is an interesting story about this shop. In fact, usually the word oji-san (meaning father, uncle, or simply mister) is written おじさん, but in this case it is written おぢさん. The pronunciation - at least as far as I am concerned - is exactly the same, so all the children in that area learned that oji-san is written おぢさん (odi-san). Well, long time ago there was a new teacher coming to an elementary school in this area. S/he was so surprised and so upsed that all the students couldn't write おじさん correctly! At least until someone explained her/him the reason.
Interesting, isn't it?

Hard is the life of a motard ^_^

another example of ItaRian

The text in the picture is not clear, unfortunately, but the ItaRian part says:

Antipasto misuto alla Festival

"Primo piatto"
Linguine al ragu di pesce con lucola
Penne arabiatta con achilleo e trippa

"Secondo piatto"
Scampi e pesce spada all gligrigla
Angello al sale

Funny, isn't it?